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John c1946 2

Born in the dark and distant days of 1940, I retain indeterminate recollections of a wartime Leicester – especially an orange glow lighting the sky to the south of my bedroom window one night, created by the city of Coventry some ten miles distant, burning furiously after a nocturnal visit by the Luftwaffe.  The youngest of 4 children, I am still constantly reminded by my two extant siblings that I was the ‘baby’ of the family who was spoiled awfully by my dear, late, mother. Fortunately, I inherited her inquisitiveness which was to lead me on to finding out as much as I could about the  rest of the world around me.

I married a Melton Mowbray girl in whose home town in Leicestershire we were to settle down with our two children and upon retiring after 35 years as a police officer in various parts of the world, I took up an interest in researching the places and people of my ‘adopted’ town and this was to become a minor obsession.  I now like to share my acquired knowledge of local history and my other hobby of genealogy, with anyone who is prepared to listen.  I am always happy to talk to organised groups if asked

‘Watch This Space.

I opened this Word Press blog more than two years ago as being peripheral to my ‘Queen of the Shires’ blog which is operated by Google and for a long time it served me well.  Of late this has not been the case and having been increasingly driven to unwanted frustration I hope to transfer my affections to this Word Press site.  But, I need to learn its complex ways, then grow it and hopefully, polish it;  this can be cumbersome at times for an octogenarian  and the technical side has always, and will ever, discombobulate me.  As  newspaper editors of old would once exhort to their readers, “Watch this space!”

May 2019