The House.

An article relating to the life and times of one of the most iconic of Melton’s Lodges, ’The House’, which once stood in Sherrard Street and the people with who it was connected. It was later to be named ‘The Elms’ and could be said to have epitomised the life and times of a wonderful […]

People Getting Angry

A brief background to the current comedy of ongoing errors and apparent apathy regarding the planning and development of the so-called Wyndham Grange estate, which brings it to the regretful situation that exists at the present time. (Being a brief resume of the arousal of a rankling disappointment amongst many people of Melton Mowbray which […]


Seen on a Gravestone in Melton Mowbray. I recently came across a large gravestone propped against a wall in the St Mary’s Way burial grounds.  It was so full of engraved script that I paused to read it and to take it all in.  What I did read disturbed me somewhat and I recorded an […]