Gone fishing!

How safe is a safe?   Occasionally, more so in the warmer months of the year than during the cold and wet months of Winter, I take a walk around my small market town, somewhat in the manner that I employed many years ago whilst serving there as a police officer.  I like to observe the changes of the […]

Where Are They Now?

The Leicestershire Archaeological Society. Some fifty years ago, The Leicestershire Archaeological Society in its 110th Annual Report published a list of some 450 ‘ordinary’ members, seemingly people who were in some way interested in or connected with learning of the history and archaeology of this East Midlands county. What did strike me as I glanced through this document which is currently held […]

My Angst

‘Plecotus Auritus’ It so happens that I live equidistant between two of Melton Mowbray’s finest heritage treasures; from the front of my house I have witnessed over the past few years the metamorphosis of Craven Lodge from once being a decaying pile into what now exists as nine neatly landscaped and secluded new homes, whilst […]