Catherine Dalley House

The Houses on the Hill As one climbs up the long and gradual rise of Scalford Road towards the village of that name, we once used to see and know quite well, on the right hand side an old dwelling which was used in recent times as the very popular care home known widely as  […]



WHITHER LIE THE BODIES? It may be of interest to learn that the three main cemeteries of Melton Mowbray have each evolved from a basic conundrum relating to the available space, divided by or in ratio to, the required demands of an increasing population – no different to the vexed problem of providing homes for […]

The Saw Pit Southern Lane, 1884

Knocking Off. Have you ever wondered how our forebears must have struggled with producing those large planks of wood from newly felled trees? I have, and whilst hovering around my old 1884 Melton Mowbray OS map, I noticed a small property in Southern Lane, or what we now call Saxby Road, opposite the old brewery. […]

The House.

An article relating to the life and times of one of the most iconic of Melton’s Lodges, ’The House’, which once stood in Sherrard Street and the people with who it was connected. It was later to be named ‘The Elms’ and could be said to have epitomised the life and times of a wonderful […]

People Getting Angry

A brief background to the current comedy of ongoing errors and apparent apathy regarding the planning and development of the so-called Wyndham Grange estate, which brings it to the regretful situation that exists at the present time. (Being a brief resume of the arousal of a rankling disappointment amongst many people of Melton Mowbray which […]


Seen on a Gravestone in Melton Mowbray. I recently came across a large gravestone propped against a wall in the St Mary’s Way burial grounds.  It was so full of engraved script that I paused to read it and to take it all in.  What I did read disturbed me somewhat and I recorded an […]


A thrilling account of the exciting and chaotic hot summer’s day in Melton Mowbray in 1911, when many thousands of exuberant people turned out to witness for the very first time the ‘miracle’ of the heavier than air ‘flying machines,’ in flight together with their intrepid pilots. _______________________________________________ PROLOGUE The occasion of man’s first sustained […]

A Critical Meander

On most Sundays I like to stroll around my home town, especially the area South of the River Eye, as this is where I have lived with my family for some four decades and as a mature resident rapidly approaching my eighth decade, I feel the need to speak out occasionally about what is happening […]


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A Lack of Accommodation Reported from its fortnightly meeting of the Local Board at Melton Mowbray in 1865, during which a vexed member brought to its attention a question which he deemed as being of the utmost importance.  The Grantham Journal, with tongue in cheek, reported briefly on the matter with this account. ‘A MATTER FOR […]